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Archive - The first Azimuth

A digital voyage through the space-time continuum, expanding our understanding of humanity and the universe.
Join us on our voyage as we explore new economics, spaceflight, planetary health, and the metaverse.
Space Opera
The Kosmosis Space Opera is a futuristic battle between the polarities of Light and Dark as we are facing the imminent possibility of ascending to a higher plane. Talks are interwoven with live music and media, setting the tone for exploring the space opera of our current acceleration into the future.
Azimuth is a voyage that begins in Astrus, a transliminal space, that explores the edges of human consciousness as a reflection of various narratives emerging through generated art. Traverse the 3D landscape through portals as the space opera unfolds before you.
Hella Feelin It
Art Show
“Hella Feelin It” is a self-reflective retrospective by visual artist Nuspeed. Comprised of various transliminal creations birthed over the last decade, this collection of digital images and video illustrates how the self can be the ultimate portal for knowledge and deception.



Inimitable electro duo Dopplereffekt are one of the most mysterious, thrilling and consistently challenging entities in electronic music. Originated by Gerald Donald under his Herr Mueller alias, he is one-half of Drexciya and responsible for era-defining releases. Drexciya's music was built on a foundation of afrofuturist mythology involving the Drexciyans, an underwater race. The current iteration of the group includes Mueller and fellow explorer To Nhan Le Thi.

Attila Csihar

Attila Csihar, also sometimes known as Void, is a Hungarian extreme metal vocalist, best known for guttural screams in acclaimed acts like Norwegian black metal band Mayhem and American drone-doom project Sunn O))). Csihar has stated on several occasions that he is intrigued by the possibilities of cryptocurrency. Outside of music, Csihar graduated as an electrical engineer from a technical college and used to teach math and physics.


Cryborg is a humanoid AI from the future civilization of Robotswana, created to replicate human emotion. A short circuit from shedding tears grants access to the realm of human emotions and compels her to express her new feelings and deep yearning to connect with God through sound.

Eric Parren

Eric Parren is an multi-interdisciplinary artist operating out of Shanghai, also as an assistant professor of Interactive Media Arts at NYU Shanghai. Utilizing both digital and analog media, he is incessant with understanding of the ideas and technologies that shape the future. His works are often visceral, sensory experiences exploring modes of perception and the physics of light and sound.


Gestating for nearly half a century within a toxic vat of satanic metal, syphilitic street punk, discarded synthesizers, bad trips, and broken dreams. Los Angeles based artist Josh Anzano clawed his way out into our 21st century dystopia infected with the cancer of culture. Culminating into an aggressive, occasionally blissful, often ugly form of motor-driven psychedelic disco.

Erin Olivia Weber

The first sparks for Erin Olivia Weber began with the electronic music group Crack: We are Rock, an experience that brought about a platform to channel high vibrational thoughts and stories of past lives to people worldwide. After a profound awakening experience in 2013, 200RYT was born. Erin's life is now a commitment and journey to self awareness and transformation with the grander conscious collective.


Mozhgan is a sonic alchemist who’s musical languages traverse between mysterious planes and wondrous vortexes. As an acolyte of the acidic temple, and founder of the We are Monsters gatherings, Mozhgan fearlessly confronts the constricting limits of the status quo while simultaneously rejecting them with arcane spells that defy time and space.


Sepehr is a live act, DJ, producer, and remixer based in New York City. The Bay Area native is becoming a vibrant force in the world of left-leaning dance music. He started DJing in his teens, and has since become a staple in the worldwide underground circuit. Sepehr is the label head of Shaytoon Records, an imprint focused on the Iranian/Middle Eastern underground.


A Bay Area staple since the mid-'90s, Solar was a mainstay in the region's clubbing scene, earning the reputation of a DJ devoted to the art of mixing and selecting music without regard to ephemeral fashion, trends or fads. Ever loyal and pivotal to San Francisco's dance music core, Solar also runs the label Squirrels On Film with C.L.A.W.S.

Jenny Sayaka Nono

Jenny Sayaka Nono is a fierce musical mind and filmmaker based in Los Angeles. Riding on the wild side, Jenny presents an unbridled mix of darkwave, industrial, noise rock, hardcore punk, and more with a signature finesse. You can listen to Jenny's program Axcess Amnesia on the underground music site NTS.

Speakers & Panelists

Abu Qadim Haqq

Abu Qadim Haqq also known as Haqq, is an American visual artist born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. He is Detroit's number one creative ambassador for its world renowned techno music artists, serving the community since 1989. Haqq's artwork is seen all across the land, masterfully accompanying seminal releases by several Detroit Techno record labels, Juan Atkins, Metroplex, Derrick May, Transmat, Underground Resistance (such as Drexciya).

Andy Milenius

Andy Milenius' interests include the integration of new environments where new types of living are possible which combines his love of ecology to passion projects of mutual aid. He is co-founder of Build Soil, an initiative to plant one million new edible chestnut trees. He was previously the CTO of MakerDAO, the organization that invented the DAI stablecoin for the Ethereum ecosystem.

Anja Blaj

Anja Blaj is a lawyer pioneering in space and crypto law and a Chief Strategy Officer of the Future Law Institute. She co-founded Ljubljana Legal Hackers Chapter and co-organized the first Distributed Governance Council (DGov 2019), and is a member of the Coalition of Automated Legal Applications (COALA).

Chris Dews

Chris Dews is the creator of Casita Verde, a project that has developed over thirty years from being a small Ibizan farmholding into what is now an educational centre showcasing sustainable living, offering workshops, courses and volunteer opportunities. Chris arrived in Ibiza in 1985 after spending 13 years travelling the world as a radio officer in the British Merchant Navy.

Courtney Alexander

Courtney Alexander is a sound & music therapist with an extensive background in design. Originally from Danvers, Massachusetts, she began her research early, sparked by an intrigue for the profound effect that sound has upon on human consciousness. After years of study abroad, with labs throughout the US as well as in England and Germany, Courtney is now committed to joining her two true passions — by introducing her therapeutic knowledge into the virtual world.

Giulio Prisco

Giulio Prisco worked as a scientist in European research centers including CERN, then as a space system analyst at the European Space Agency. In 2005, Giulio left the public sector and founded a virtual reality development and consulting company, which he ran until 2011. More recently, he has been covering developments and trends in science and technology for the specialized press.

Kara Joslyn

Kara Joslyn received her BFA from California College of the Arts, San Francisco, with a post-baccalaureate in Painting at Columbia University, New York. She holds an MFA from University of California, San Diego (2016). Her work is part of public and private collections including the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, and The Barrick Museum Las Vegas.

Maly Ly

As a product and marketing leader, Maly has accelerated growth, brand awareness and customer acquisition for 18+ years at industry leading startup, blockchain, aerospace, and interactive entertainment companies including Akash Network, Eventbrite, AdRoll, Relativity Space, Sojern, YouCaring / GoFundMe, Lucasfilm / Disney, Eidos / Square Enix, Ubisoft, and Nintendo.

Maria Mishurenko

Maria Mishurenko is an award-winning virtual and augmented reality developer, artist, and game designer from Brooklyn, New York. She is also a co-founder of the XR design studio Synesthetic Echo.

Rick Dudley

Rick Dudley is the President and CEO of Vulcanize, Inc. He has over fifteen years of experience as a software architect and consultant, and has implemented several established blockchain architectures since 2014. He specializes in mechanism design with a focus on federated proof of stake consensus systems.

Robin Hanson

Robin Hanson is the Associate Professor of Economics at George Mason University and research associate at Future of Humanity Institute of Oxford University and received his Ph.D in 1997 in social sciences from Caltech. He completed his Physics M.S. and Philosophy M.A. at the University of Chicago. Robin has nine years experience as A.I. research programmer, both at Lockheed Martin and NASA.

Sebnem Rusitschka

Sebnem is Founding Researcher at Freeelio, a free innovation collective to understand the paradigm shift of tokenizing real world assets such as decentralized energy resources. Freeelio is a founding member of German Blockchain Association, and directed many adventures in tokenizing energy. Current projects are Impact Pirates, and the crowdsourced crowdfunded book “A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Token Engineering”.

Suzi Bianco

Suzi Bianco is a Space Architect and co-founder of Space Decentral and Space Cooperative. She is passionate about enabling sustainable human space exploration. She leverages 8 years of industrial and infrastructure Architecture experience, an MBA in project management and a MS in Space Architecture. Born and raised in Brazil, she believes in making space studies/exploration accessible to all who wish to be part of it.

Sylvia Makario

Sylvia Makario is an expert in Geospatial engineering and Space technology. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Geospatial Engineering and Space Technology and a Master of Science in Information Technology at Carnegie Mellon University. Representing Hepta Analytics as an attendee and speaker, Sylvia was able to connect to a few African presidents at the World Economic Forum for Africa gathering, regarding their respective investment strategies in the space technology sector in the African Continent.

The Galactic Federation

An alliance of human and non-human species of the Milky Way, united for the purpose of making the universe a better place.

The Zentai Collective

The Zentai Blockchain Collective is a pseudonymous group of blockchain governance scholars. The collective was founded after the creation of bitcoin with a view to develop a theory of blockchain governance by investigating institutional and extitutional dynamics in blockchain communities. The collective operates in a distributed permissionless manner setting the intention for the emergence of rhizomatic collaborative jams.

Tieho Mochebelele

Tieho Mochebelele is an alternative investment management professional with a keen interest to organically evolve alternative finance through knowledge graphs and institutional coordination. Tieho is also an official advisor to governments and higher education under mandate of a United Nations space agenda.

Tom Mansfield

Tom Mansfield's vision "is a healed planet generating abundant living for all." With fifteen years of direct experience from environmental design and fabrication, to co-designing with communities for low-carbon and low-embodied energy solutions, Tom is advocating for participatory local projects that are regenerative in design.

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